Linen Manager

Welcome to the Linen Manager page. Linen Manager is a developer of inventory management systems for the linen hire and laundry industry.

We have now completed stage one of our software development. We have developed a system that will integrate RFID data with  on-line ordering  and accounting systems. This is a world first.

We now have RFID tags embedded into 5000 bath towels and have put these towels into the system over the Christmas period. We are gathering data on towel usage to develop a knowledge base to assist us with further development of the system.

Bleach Burn

One of the uses of the system is to identify the usage history of a particular item. Recently we had our first bleach burn. A bleach burn is caused when bleach is applied to a surface then the towel is used to wipe up the bleach. Bleach being highly corrosive then corrodes the cotton fibres leaving a large hole.

This towel was on its first excursion and suffered a bleach burn.

More details about Linen Manager can be found at the website:

Linen Manager has developed a simple tool for commercial accommodation providers to assist in the calculation of the linen requirements. Please feel free to down load the software using the link below.

Linen Manager v 2.1