Linen Manager

Welcome to the Linen Manager page. Linen Manager is a developer of inventory management systems for the linen hire and laundry industry.

We are currently installing RFID tags into linen bags. This will give us valuable data on the duration of staying at any one location.

Furthermore the data will enable us to track linen usage.

We have now completed stage one of our software development. We have developed a system that will integrate RFID data with  on-line ordering  and accounting systems. This is a world first.

The virus lock down period has resulted in a lot of the towels being returned. The RFID system also provides data on where towels are at any given point in time. The data reveals that there are a significant number of towels that were sent in the December January period and have not been returned. If these are not returned by the time business starts to increase then we have the ability to recoup any losses.

Bleach Burn

One of the uses of the system is to identify the usage history of a particular item. Recently we had our first bleach burn. A bleach burn is caused when bleach is applied to a surface then the towel is used to wipe up the bleach. Bleach being highly corrosive then corrodes the cotton fibres leaving a large hole.

This towel was on its first excursion and suffered a bleach burn.

More details about Linen Manager can be found at the website:

Linen Manager has developed a simple tool for commercial accommodation providers to assist in the calculation of the linen requirements. Please feel free to down load the software using the link below.

Linen Manager v 2.1