Sheet Index



Week End 13/09/19


The index for the week ending 13/09/19 stands at 82  Click Here  Week ending 13.09.19

The graph on this page is our sheet index. An index is a statistical calculation that is designed to show trends and patterns in a set of data.

The Fresh Linen Sheet Index is based on weekly output.

It is the most up to date and accurate information available to show weekly occupancy on the Gold Coast.

However there is some caution; the index as presented on this page is not adjusted to take into account new customers or any loss of a customer.

The index is on a base of 100 as at 31/12/2016.

The most important interpretation is  the seasonality of occupancy rates on the Gold Coast.

The Horizontal axis is weeks.

We do not have any objections in this index being used in the public arena by the media, public relations or industry organisations, provided the source (Fresh Linen Service) is acknowledged.








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