Notice Board

Week 2 2021

Week 2 of 2021 saw the index drop from the previous high of 147 to 98. This is normal for this time of the year. With the Christmas holidays coming to a close and people going back to work.

The virus and the possibility of sudden border closures and lock downs has changed the forward bookings and booking decisions. It will be interesting to see how this develops over time.

Another interesting observation for this holiday season to note is that in previous years there is a very high usage of single sheets compared to twin bed sheets (Kings and Queens). This means families holidaying on the Gold Coast. That is Mum Dad and the kids.

However this year the single sheet usage compared to twin sheets was significantly down. We can conclude that the family numbers were down. In other words Mum and Dad went on holiday and left the kids at home (probably with Grand parents).

However this week we saw a reversal a significant increase in the use of single sheets compared to twin sheets.

Remember! Have your orders in by 5pm the day before.

This is your time away the maddening crowd with a cold glass of wine or beer, sitting down quietly doing your Fresh Linen order. Ah, the serenity.