Sheet Index and interesting information


Summer Deliveries

For our northern run (Hooker Blvd North) we will be delivering Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. This is to avoid the summer traffic congestion.

All other delivery runs will remain the same.

Sheet Index

Week End 08/11/19

The index for the week ending 08/11/19 stands at 86: Week Ending 08.11.19

The Gold Coast is currently in the traditional slow period between GC6oo and Schoolies.

New Towels

The new towels have arrived. We will be progressively introducing the towels over the next month.

These towels are fitted with RFID chips a first for the Gold Coast. These chips will assist us to manage our inventory.

You can find more information about RFID on this web site: Linen Manager

Plus we have a new type of tea towel we are going to trial. These are very attractive and are different to the checker pattern we have been using.

The new hand towels and bath mats are slightly larger than what we have used in the past.

Want to know what happens when sheets are not changed regularly or washed properly?

Then have a look at this link: Clean Sheets are important

Our sheets and pillow cases are washed in hot water up to 80 degrees Celsius, have various washing and anti bacterial agents applied then ironed at 180 – 200 degrees Celsius. No nasty’s can survive that.

Our towels are washed in hot water to 80 degrees Celsius with washing anti bacterial agents, then put through dryers at 80 degrees Celsius at very low humidity. This gets rid of any nasty critters.




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