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Sheet Index Week Ending 21/02/20 =79

The sheet index this week has done its normal February kick from 72 to 79. The index is slightly lower than this time in 2018 however is higher than 2019.

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Corona Virus

There is a lot on information regarding Corona Virus on the Federal and State Health Department websites:

The accommodation industry is in the front line of potential exposure the the Corona Virus through direct contact with potentially infected people and through direct contact with materials and surfaces (ie linen and room surfaces) that may be infected.

There is no evidence at this stage as to how long the virus can survive outside the host (human body).

While the risk is low of contracting the virus there remains a risk. Therefore we need to have mitigation procedures in place.

Corona Virus Mitigation for Cleaners and Laundry Workers

The following information is based on material on the various Health Department websites. If there is further updates we will post as it become available.

Based on the Health department sites the best method of risk mitigation is good hand hygiene. Therefore after handling linen:

Do not touch your face

Wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol based sanitiser

If you think linen is contaminated were gloves and possibly a face mask.