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Small Towelling

I have been banging on over the past 12 months about international linen supplies , manufacturing and logistic issues. We have now reached a point where small towels are a problem and more particularly hand towels.

At this point in time we do not have any to send out. Therefore if you want hand towels I suggest you return them to us so as we can process and send back out again.

We are hoping to secure a shipment later this year.


Last week I wrote about circus clowns and the 12 ball jugggling act.

Well this week we paint a different picture, we have ditched a few of the balls.

We managed to secure a consignment of King and Single sheets plus a load of Pillow Cases. These are going through the processing at the moment and we will be sending them out over the next couple of days.

The consignment of Queen Sheets is expected to be with us by mid next week.

We have secured another van and the big news is we have secured a driver. Our new driver is going through training process at the moment.

We are currently assessing runs in terms of times and frequency. We notify any changes on this page.

Order Cut Off Times

As you all already know the order cut off time is 5pm of the day before delivery days for scheduled deliveries.

Remember! Have your orders in by 5pm the day before.

Pay by Credit Card on line =5% discount

We are offering a 5% discount for payment at time of order.

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